Stephanie (xbomb_yourselfx) wrote,

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1) How would gawdiamsexy conquer the world? wearing sweet clothes
2) Does gawdiamsexy have a big secret? maybe??
3) Would you wrestle oozabooman in jello? for sure!
4) What video game does tobehip remind you of? mario tennis.. cause its a fun game
5) Where was sewingwithrandi born? windsor
6) Is little_nantic an emo? no shes a nikki
7) What would you do if devon_ryan50 died? be sad
8) cardboardjunkie's eye color? green?brown?blue!?
9) Is oozabooman related to you? no
10) If all_the_drugs_x were hanging off a cliff, what would little_nantic do? watch .. i know i would
11) Does devon_ryan50 have a crush on drowningdolly69? i dont know if they know eachother?
12) Are lester_jay and drowningdolly69 married? no way
13) What comic book character would devon_ryan50 be? the thing
14) What is oozabooman allergic to? bees? i dont know
15) Has tobehip been to your house/dorm? no
16) Where would gawdiamsexy most like to visit? i could see... europe.. or new york
17) Would 13_below be a better ninja or pirate? PIRATE!!
18) What do you disagree with reefer_madness7 about? eating mac n cheese with a fork in a blow
19) Which of your friends should reefer_madness7 go out with? whom ever he would like
20) Do you have a crush on reefer_madness7? no
21) Would drowningdolly69 go out with gawdiamsexy? maybe.. hes a cute boy, but shes 20 and hes like 16
22) Do you have reefer_madness7's screenname? yes
23) Where was like_a_fox born? no idea.. windsor maybe?
24) What is devon_ryan50's favorite color? blue?
25) If lester_jay had a superpower, what would it be? making people sweet and not shitty
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