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'I......... I....... I..can't even move... man'

Once Randi and Amanda got to my house Randi pulled out some liqour. We started drinking, I got a sweet buzz. Then Terry called me and Randi was being Randi and it was fucking great <3!! Then we smoked two joints. Amanda pulled a Steph!! I tried to help her, but she wouldnt eat or puke. Amanda did you make it home ok??

I cant belive how late it is and how not tired I am! Im usally sleeping right now. Can ya dig it!?

Stephanie 'call me back tomorrow,pretty please!' Finnigan <33
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its not late ...
hahahahhahahaha amanda. she mnade it home alright lol
i had a great evening. how i love hanging out with my party buddy.
it was late for me!

Did she puke!? PARTY!!
no she didnt puke... we waited for the bus forlike half an hour... i peed at the bus stop lol.. all these cars were going by.. it was sexy i tell ya lol
no she didnt puke. we got off the bus at my stop and then walked to andrews so that helped her alot (the walking) then as soon as we got to andrews she called a cab and went home. no barfing tonight. well.. last night.

hehe i did good =).. aw guys i felt SO baddd sowwie! at least i was only passd out for liek half hour thats preddy damn good lol.. thanxxx for helpin me out haha i felt liek the biggest fucking loser <3!
haha Amanda it was soo funny!!! Randi did you pee yourself.. or like you peed outside? Ha remember that stupid 'hotel party' alex had and we peed in the bushes? I drove past them today and I was like 'I peed there!!!" haha.
hahha no i squatted... couldyou imagine if i peed myself.. i would laugh so hard at myself for liek a month and a half.
awwwi remember them bushes haha that was a gay party tho